Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy places

Early yesterday morning, I was with my family bidding adieu to my sister en route to New York. To me, she seemed tired, agitated, excited, anxious, worried (about her little one) and a bit of any other emotion available. Yet, there was a palpable sense of contentment. Not in sitting on the Jet plane bound for a foreign land. But, in being able to fly somewhere over the rainbow where skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream do come true!

Ten hours later, I was hunching over a desk with a knot in my stomach. My name was called and I walked for what seemed like eternity to stop again. Somewhere in the third minute of my waiting, I was ushered in to face a panel of four members - a renowned Mohiniyattam dancer who seemed affable instantly (having facebook-ed her the previous day she was one of the two people I could recognize), a former head of Alliance Francaise and a wine-taster (who was the other one I had facebook-ed but his credentials were something I learnt afterwards), a writer-sociologist-pretty-empathetic woman and a keen, clever man with probing eyes and questions who I was to learn was an IPS officer. I hadn't prepared for this encounter but after my last one, I decided to speak my mind than speak what's on their mind.


So, you call that a failure?

Uh,.., yes.

You know, you should meet Aruna Roy. We think you will completely reverse your stance. In fact, you'll say, "Failure! What was I thinking?"


You are a lot like her...

(interrupt) Thank you.

... as honesty is the first thing you will notice about her. We hope you get a chance to work with her. But, yes, Dalai Lama's monastery would be a good experience for you too before you go...

...(smile, barely)...

...and with that eye for detail you've got, I am sure you will go places. You know, literature is the panacea for all of life's misgivings. I will suggest a book called "Room with a view" by E.M.Forster. On your way back home, hop into a library, find it and read it.

I will. Thank you!

Thank you very much for the honesty and the time. Bye!



As I walk back along the corridor, I thought to myself,"You will go places?! I wonder what my happy place is going to be...". As that trail of thought got lost in the chaos in my head, I bumped into Sam who suggested we head to Nuts and Spices and buy candy to indulge Sachit. I willingly agreed.

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