What is this blog about?
This blog is a recording of a selection of the thinking that happens in the time between the seconds: an on-going, relentless mental monologue occurring in the shower, on metro rides, in lecture halls, while half-awake, and at any given place under the stars.

Why Scribble?
The other day, I happened to read somewhere that radio waves have this incredible capacity to keep going onward travelling at the speed of light in free space. Their energy to keep going does not dissipate and die. This blog is an attempt at capturing a thought that took just the right time to be thought - not too fast that it slipped away forever like water through a sieve reminding the potential of what beauty it might have added to the world yet not too slow that its speed or lack thereof caused it to freeze like water thrown from a bucket becoming ice before hitting the ground on a devilishly cold winter's night.

What are scribbles about?
Here's a sample of what these verbal doodles are about (the list is being worked on at all times):
Sadhana. Summer rain. Sunsets and maybe sunrises. Maple anything but not maple candy. Momentary melancholies. Inspiration. Dance. White lies . Marbles. Lemongrass. Stars 
. Shadows. Avva. Toilets. ...

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