Monday, June 18, 2012

At long last

A cloud comes over a hill and loses its will to move anywhere.

Two large grey monsters with gaping mouths engulf the white space in between. As the space turns to nothingness, the first drops of rain pellets fall. A cool wind breezes through wet hair. Cool, not of the numbing kind. But, its refreshing cousin. The smell of fresh earth hits the nostrils and awakens the spirit. A deep silence ensues that brings to awareness the beat of a heart. Somewhere in those snow capped mountains in front, there is probably hail falling at full speed. A sense of peace pervades the senses. At long last, the ship has come home and laid firm its anchor.

As for the cloud, it sheds its weight bringing life and joy to the alpine forest. And, in that act finds the lightness and will to move again.