Friday, December 30, 2011

Once bitten

Once bitten,
Twice shy.

Once bitten,
Never try.

Once bitten,
Always awry.

Once bitten,
Forever dry.

Friday, December 16, 2011

In memoriam

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old time is still a-flying;
And the same flower that smiles today
Tomorrow will be dying.

(In memory of a dear classmate and friend who on 15/12/2011 sought solace among the stars)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Yesterday, the world came crashing down. Quite literally. I was sad and my every cell was aching with agony. I had to depart with a dear and a very near one. Traumatised by the inexplicable loss of my beloved, I chose to turn those memories non-ephemeral by composing, for my love, a brief epitaph.

Dear Love,

Thou came to me at a time of dire need. When the one that I was dependant on had cracked up and began threatening me with watch-out-girl-blue-screen-any-minute-now, thou prevailed upon me as a reliable companion. I have treated thee poorly and dropped thou one too many times. But, thou loving self never once has betrayed me. Oh! how am I going to get over your loss? Oh! how am I ever going to commensurate your cause? Your sunshine one liner displayed every time I switch thou on never failed to charge me up. Nor was there ever a need to charge you before at least three full days. You were trustworthy beyond measure, you were my greatest treasure. You have seen all my highs, and a few wet lows! While thou fancy counterparts with fancier names reveled in the hands of the so called posh geeks, I loved thee too much to replace thou with a tawdry piece! Oh, love, why did you leave me and go? I am so lost without thee but life moves on and so should I, they say. I now have your distant cousin in your place. He looks flossy but you were classy!

The Bard of Avon best summed up my feelings for thee - Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds - Thou shalt be remembered forever in body and soul persisting over the vagaries of Time! For my beloved 1100, mobile phones may come and mobile phones may go, but you will stay in my heart forever!

(uncontrollable sob....whimper....cough....clearing of throat)

May you rest in peace forever!

(In memory of the greatest and best mobile phone ever invented and my beloved companion at all times - my precious 1100)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am at a time when

...someone I recently made friends with had to refresh my memory about this blog space I own. (Alzhemier's showing up early?)

...I have four posts in my journal and two on the laptop either half way done or left unfinished. Lack of time. Or ideas. Or both.

...My English is at an all time low. I have begun describing most things with just two adjectives - cute or cool.

...I have become a complete social recluse refusing to talk. My standards have definitely plummetted and my per day word count is crumbling down like the Greece economy.

...I read about random things from American Healthcare systems to how to keep yourself fit when you are stuck doing sedentary work . (I really need to get a life!)

...Chocolates no longer offer the solace they used to (but thankfully, Tinkerbell saving Peter Pan still brings tears to my eyes).

...Time is no longer a constraint or has become more of a scarce commodity (Sounds confusing? Well, I am now officially employed).

...I am still trying to find out what I wanna do with the rest of my life (Okay, this one never really goes away!)

...I no longer have to spend too much time styling my abnormally straight hair (one may wonder what is there to style in a straight hair but yeah anyway) at least for the next one month (My stylist's efforts are not in vain this time!)

...I have begun to warm up to the idea of calling a city apart from Chennai 'home'! (This was HARD!)

...I have two analytical pieces to write as an outcome of the (Public distribution System 2011) survey (my 'engagement' (read internship) the summer I was out of college organised by Jean Dreze (member of the National Advisory Council (headed by Sonai Gandhi)) and Reetika Khera (one time student of Jean and now an Economics Prof at IIT-D) )- more about that in a later post) and have successfully (and shamelessly) been procrastinating it for how-many-days-now (lost count!)?!

...I have become more parenthetical than before (Proof : See previous line).

...I publish blog posts at a time when I am supposed to be busy learning/practising Hyperion (For the love of God, I will do what I want when I want - This one thing about me has not changed!).

...I look forward to Fridays now more than EVER before!(Yay! Tomorrow is a Friday).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Till our paths cross again!

I had overshot the deadline for sending in an article that was due to The Guindy Times (the campus newspaper) by over a week. I always held that people who run the paper should not contribute except for the editing and the actual "running the paper" bit. (Okay, poor excuse!). But, finally when I did write one I decided to also post it right here. So here goes :

For still there are so many things
that I have never seen:
in every wood in every spring
there is a different green.
~ J.R.R Tolkien

So, it is my turn to adventure into the unexplored turf. The time has arrived. In less than a month’s time, I will be trading the luxuries of this world to one often prefixed by the alliterated big, bad adjective. My first memory of visiting this campus is fresh as yesterday (and not often does my memory serve right. So this is something!). I remember coming over right after exam results came out to meet a senior from school at the Computer Science department – a meeting speculating if I had gotten the right numbers to enter this place!

My next vivid memory comprises of Dean sitting opposite to a petrified me and my glowing father handing out a form (there goes my memory; I don’t quite remember what exactly that was!). And pretty soon I was walking past corridors of red bricks with a bag that grew lighter with time, hardly paying any attention in class, the first class I bunked and the countless classes I bunked thereafter, the labs that drove me crazy and then a phase where I never cared what the name of the lab was, the before-assessment-borrow-someone’s-notes-for-xerox times and the contrasting who gives a dime about assessment marks anyway, the times that made my life (like driving my bike in paying no heed to the security guards yells), the times when emotion ruled over sense (you can guess what you want here!) CEG gave me all. I have experienced the zenith of surreal happiness, the nadirs of declining performance, the ability to discover talent that lay untapped, moderate success, awful failure, phases of apprehension and sheer tension. You name a feeling and that would have crossed my living cells and kindled those particular causative chemicals at least once in these four years.

And yes, the learning was immense. Not from the books. Life is a better teacher and life at CEG is the best you can get at that age. I learnt mostly by falling down. Getting right back up is probably more fun and the values you create in the process are the ones you will choose to live by for life. There were as many ups and even greater downs. In retrospect, I appreciate the bad times more so because they were also times of reforming self – whether it was moving on unchanged or widening perspectives.

Most important of all my experiences at CEG will be the people that I met and forged friendships for life. A few are already out pursuing higher studies or their careers and many more will be graduating with me. With life getting ahead of us at every corner, every attempt to catch up again will be defeated. Despite that, these wonderful people have enriched my stay here and have influenced a significant part of me. I guess it will be quite hackneyed if I say life would not have been the same but for these people but that is true.

So, now comes the hard part. All the time I was here, there was a complete impatience to see the world that lay outside these cheery red walls. Now, as the time looms close, I am keen to enjoy what is left of my entitled stay. A dear friend once said the worst thing about goodbyes is that there is nothing good about them. Like the Vitamin C song, I keep, I keep thinking that it’s not goodbye. I keep on thinking it’s time to fly. Maybe, some day my travels might lead me back to where all this started. And as I await that day, here is wishing everyone of the graduating class of 2011 a happy journey all along!

Till our paths cross again,
(Dedicated to all the people I have known these years at CEG and who have influenced my life simply by existing in it! Thank you!)