Thursday, January 12, 2012

My life - In blog post titles...more or less!

Yesterday, I was animatedly explaining to a friend about how inspiration to write a blog post about something or everything comes to me all the time. The peak period always coincides with the time when I have to cross the busy Old Airport Road (Bangalore, of course!) at its point of intersection with Outer Ring Road. Given Bangalore's traffic, this could be a lethal move! But, more traffic woes reserved for another story. Oh! the crucial element is that I never can finish the blog post in my head but I can always come up with (what I think as) nice titles and at least the first line. So, here's some -
Breakfast Blues
The seven day weekend
Salsa and Sadness
Of methods, madness and mood swings
Irksome Ignorance
My Angel of Happiness
Card Catastrophe

So, now that I have successfully demonstrated my ability (or lack thereof) to alliterate salsa with sadness and mood with madness, here's a short abstract of what I was planning to put in these posts. For the imaginatively inclined, feel free to skip this and let creativity run amok!

Breakfast Blues - Every morning, on my way to work, I pass this legendary Andhra-style (but customised to Kannada cuisine which basically translates to putting sugar in everything including salt lassi) restaurant. Thanks to Pavlov, we know what the sight (but no smell) of this restaurant can evoke in me. This was going to be a post about my hunt through the (dusty, dirty) streets of garden (ahem, what was that again?!) city to find the perfect morning meal!

The seven day weekend - I got off a call with a (still in college) junior (yes, I am aging! Sigh!) and she was explaining how she gets this impression of me being obsessed with Fridays and weekends. Six months ago, when people spoke of Monday morning blues, I would be like, " Uh, what in God's holy name is that?". Today, I will reluctantly put up that brave face to refute that I have succumbed yet grudgingly agree that I do wait for Fridays. But, my reason being that's when I get back home (to hot, humid, sweaty Chennai! Ah! I can already feel happiness soak every cell). So, this post was to be my categorical denial of my addiction to Fridays. It was to shed light on how I have a mature mindset (yeah, right!) of the seven day weekend!

Salsa and Sadness - I won't elaborate too much on this. But, as the title suggests it's my desperate attempt to get back to dancing (Bharatanatyam, it was!). I shall stop here.

Of methods, madness and mood swings - From the time I saw the movie, Laws of Attraction, I fancied using the phrase "method to one's madness and madness in one's method". This title was a satisfying attempt to satiate my need for word-porn! After a day of observing myself, my reactions that change in matter of minuscule milli-seconds (didn't we talk of my ability to alliterate?), my mood swings in response to moon cycles (God bless Linda!) I decided to let the world gain some knowledge of my neurotic nature.

Irksome Ignorance - This post was to be my thesis on how to sabotage the veracity of the age old maxim - Ignorance is Bliss. Specifically, it was to talk about the much hyped India Inc. and what that really is. By nature of the subject, this post will become controversial and will be expanded in detail in the near future.

My Angel of Happiness - A tribute to an amazing human being I have had the fortune to know. (When I type angel, I inadvertently type angle all the time and then change. So, now, I think why don't I just write a post on my angle of happiness. Okay, that ain't sensible!)

Card Catastrophe - My bad luck with cards continues. It follows me like a bad curse wherever I go. (Curses were never good in the first place but never mind!) After losing my first debit card to not-knowing-limit-for-one-day-swiping aka clean-account-but-never-use-that-card-again, my ATM only card was swallowed by a blood sucking vampire! Er, I mean card sucking ATM machine. I am now basically card-less, not to mention cash-less, not to mention job-less. (Now, I shall stop.)

Parting note - These posts may eventually even end up appearing as longer, independent ones. One never knows! I hope ya'll had a good new year (ugh, that sounds so wannabe Texan!). Happy New Year wishes, anyway! This being last Earth year and all, rake in all the cheer you can and cherish (you will know it when you read this! :P) all you know!



  1. This reminds me of those teen movies, like freaky friday (ok the alliteration here was coincidence) :) .

    1. Yeah, I am now thinking they do bear an uncanny resemblance to teen movie names!

  2. The last one here, was an assonance.. ;) Alliteration is for consonant sounds and assonance is for a repeating vowel (pronounced in a similar way).. But the post is quite funny! :D

    1. Thanks, Kaushik! I surely didn't know about assonance! :)

  3. This is amazing! too good.. write more write more :)

    1. Thanks, Ankitha! :) I have you to thank for reviving back this blog!