Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am at a time when

...someone I recently made friends with had to refresh my memory about this blog space I own. (Alzhemier's showing up early?)

...I have four posts in my journal and two on the laptop either half way done or left unfinished. Lack of time. Or ideas. Or both.

...My English is at an all time low. I have begun describing most things with just two adjectives - cute or cool.

...I have become a complete social recluse refusing to talk. My standards have definitely plummetted and my per day word count is crumbling down like the Greece economy.

...I read about random things from American Healthcare systems to how to keep yourself fit when you are stuck doing sedentary work . (I really need to get a life!)

...Chocolates no longer offer the solace they used to (but thankfully, Tinkerbell saving Peter Pan still brings tears to my eyes).

...Time is no longer a constraint or has become more of a scarce commodity (Sounds confusing? Well, I am now officially employed).

...I am still trying to find out what I wanna do with the rest of my life (Okay, this one never really goes away!)

...I no longer have to spend too much time styling my abnormally straight hair (one may wonder what is there to style in a straight hair but yeah anyway) at least for the next one month (My stylist's efforts are not in vain this time!)

...I have begun to warm up to the idea of calling a city apart from Chennai 'home'! (This was HARD!)

...I have two analytical pieces to write as an outcome of the (Public distribution System 2011) survey (my 'engagement' (read internship) the summer I was out of college organised by Jean Dreze (member of the National Advisory Council (headed by Sonai Gandhi)) and Reetika Khera (one time student of Jean and now an Economics Prof at IIT-D) )- more about that in a later post) and have successfully (and shamelessly) been procrastinating it for how-many-days-now (lost count!)?!

...I have become more parenthetical than before (Proof : See previous line).

...I publish blog posts at a time when I am supposed to be busy learning/practising Hyperion (For the love of God, I will do what I want when I want - This one thing about me has not changed!).

...I look forward to Fridays now more than EVER before!(Yay! Tomorrow is a Friday).


  1. great job:) keep it goin:)

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  3. Seems you are so fed up being a employee than a student....Friday evenings are the most exciting evenings and monday mornings hav a vice-versa effect .....

  4. 1) Going with your thought on English going worse, it is the GreeK economy..

    2) The Peter Pan point is a relief.

    3) You used wanna in one of your lines.

    4) I understand the pains of calling Chennai 'home' when you live in Bangalore. :)

    5) I am wondering if I need to restart updating my blog. :|

  5. @Santosh : Not fed up. Just that energy levels tend to come down SO bloody much you just want that weekend break. You will find a year from now.

  6. @ Kaushik : That mistake was pointed out just minutes after the post went live. I quit the idea of modifying it to prove the bad English point! :P And, you have a nice OPAD project going on fb. But, if you write longer pieces that would be great too. :)
    P.S : About B'lore and Chennai we share the reverse sentiments, man!

  7. Work produces a state of mind that replicates nearly every week and inspite of all the complaints against it,it provides a safe comfort zone that you dont really want to get out of,unless you aren't afraid,as in the real afraid